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Since Such a Time as This was published, my family has relocated from New England to Texas Hill Country. We enjoy the mild winters and keep cool at the pool or water park when it’s 100. We’ve added two four-footed friends to our family.

I’ve written book reviews and marketing copy. I helped edit and critique for other writers. And I plugged away at Such Deliverance as This, a book about the escape God offers to individuals as well as the Jews as a people. A secondary theme in this book is friendship since He often uses other flawed humans and our relationships as part of His plan.

I hope these books will make the Bible come alive for you. I wrote Such a Time because I was reading through the book of Esther and started imagining Esther as an introvert. What if she were extremely shy? I had forgotten Esther was a flesh-and-blood woman, not a super hero.

The history of the Jewish people continues in Ezra. Such Deliverance is set during the second half of the book when Ezra leads a group of Jews from the Babylonian captivity back to their land. Take a look at Ezra 7-10. There are some startling developments. Ezra 8:31 says, “. . . and He delivered us from the hand of the enemy, and the ambushes by the way.” Ambushes! That sparks the imagination. In chapter 10, Ezra mandates divorces for the Jews who have married pagans. As I researched, I learned much about this short book of God’s Word.

What’s next? I’m currently working on a book set in the time of Nehemiah. His story follows Ezra’s by about thirteen years, so I’ll continue with several of Such Deliverance’s characters as well as add some new ones.

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